Rae Anne Payleitner is a Consulting Analyst for Generational Consulting Group supporting our Senior Business Strategists.

She performs financial analysis, market research, competitor analysis, executive leadership assessments, customer surveys and company culture surveys. She takes pride in preparing and supporting each consultant for their prospective workshop.

Rae Anne grew up in St. Charles, Illinois. She studied Business & Law at West Point, where she was a catcher for the Army softball team, and at University College Dublin, Ireland. Rae Anne also works as an operational consultant, project manager and author. She recently co-wrote a book with her father titled GirlDad.

When away from her desk, Rae Anne’s hobbies include boxing, pottery, slow-pitch softball leagues, trivia nights and ice fishing. 

Rae Anne enjoys helping businesses of all sizes fulfill their potential and reach their goals. She strives to continually learn, grow and evolve so that she can best serve her clients.