David Ohrvall is a Senior Business Strategist for Generational Consulting Group and Senior Vice President of Research and Business Intelligence for the Generational Group. Mr. Ohrvall has a proven business track record of delivering excellence for over 30 years.

As a manager at both Bain & Company and Accenture, he has advised large multi-national firms like Motorola, Ford Motor Company, and Kraft and over 25 other firms in a wide variety of industries. His multi-month consulting engagements included solutions for pricing strategy, cost reduction prioritization, benchmarking, ERP implementation, product mix expansion, purchasing optimization, intellectual property monetization and leadership realignment.

He is an entrepreneur who forged the foundation of case interview problem-solving training with his book Crack the Case and global workshops. He has taught his business problem-solving methods to over 90,000 students at over 75 business schools around the world including Chicago Booth, Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, and Stanford.

As Senior VP of Research and Business Intelligence, Mr. Ohrvall oversees research and strategy development for each key industry vertical. He leads all content development and the brand vision and marketing strategy for Generational Master Classes (GMC), Generational’s digital learning platform. Under the education umbrella, David also assists in company-wide training and associated content creation.

As a sell-side expert in Mergers & Acquisitions David has trained over 1,500 business owners on how to think through growth and exit options that maximize value. He is well-versed in the trade-offs that business owners make in building, growing, and selling their businesses.

Mr. Ohrvall is an innovative leader having created a widely used tool for maximizing business value called the MVM (Maximum Value Model). In addition, he assisted Generational with developing the Deal GPA tool which is designed to help Generational clients improve their business value, enabling them to achieve optimal valuations in the market.

David graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with multiple degrees in Economics, Finance, and Marketing, and earned his MBA at The Wharton School.

In his free time, David enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.