Chuck Thomas is a Senior Business Strategist for Generational Consulting Group providing market-proven growth strategies for organizations between $1M and $14B. He has been a trusted advisor, researcher, M&A advisor and creative force helping hundreds of major B2C and B2B brands accelerate their growth and increase value. A serial entrepreneur, he has launched and led nine different companies across technology, manufacturing, creative services, advertising/PR and event production.

Some of Chuck’s clients have been Alberto VO5, Anheuser Busch, AT&T, Awana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bud Light, Busch, Circle K, Clorox, Disney World, Frito-Lay, General Mills, Hasbro, Hershey, Holland America, Indianapolis Colts, ITW, Kibbles ‘N Bits, Kingsford Charcoal, Kleenex, Kraft, Kroger, Long John Silvers, M&M/Mars, Mattel, McDonald's, Midas Muffler, MSG, Oldsmobile, Oscar Mayer, Ralston Purina, San Francisco Giants, SC Johnson, SeaWorld, 7Up, State Farm Insurance, Toyota, Turtle Wax, Tyndale House, United Airlines, US Marines, Wheaties, Wheaton College and Yoplait.

Chuck is an expert in helping businesses grow by creating an emotional connection between customers, companies and brands. He is a globally recognized leader helping brands retain and grow existing customers, capture new customers, open new markets, and create new products and services that quickly garner market share. He has authored numerous articles on customer engagement strategy, trust practices, behavioral psychology, demand creation, customer loyalty, advocacy and retention. He has maintained a lifelong pursuit of understanding the nature and practice of trust and spoken before thousands on the topic.

He has generated more than 2.3 billion audience impressions across traditional, non-traditional, guerrilla, events, advertising, PR and digital media. He is a certified Citi researcher, with expertise in human behavioral research and experience in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and supportive software applications. His market research has been the catalyst for creating numerous new breakthrough and disruptive technologies, including the first social media website partnering with Microsoft, corporate-sponsored national holidays like National KidsDay, award-winning film/video 2.5d animation, NFL fan bootcamps among many others. He composed and produced two Super Bowl jingle tracks for Bud Light, recognized by Anheuser Busch as a “best of AB”. He is a speaker, writer, musician, publisher, editor, and photographer. He has served on numerous non-profit, governmental and trade association boards.

Industry Experience:

Manufacturing - Aerospace, automotive, automotive aftermarket, AV, beverage, chemicals, cleaning materials, consumer packaged goods, cable and wire, construction materials, construction tools, electricity generation, electronics, engineered wood products, metal fabrication, food goods, food ingredients, floral and decorative, filtration products, heavy truck, healthcare, jet turbines, lawn and garden, language, lumber, industrial products, medical devices, medical equipment, mining, oil and gas production, PPE, packaging, pet food products, paving, plastics, printing, renewable energy, robotics, specialty furniture, toys and traffic management products.

Distribution - Auto parts, fasteners, construction products, food, grocery, lumber, industrial and manufacturing materials, janitorial supplies, cleaning and lubrication, postal and mail logistics, medical supplies, oil and gas, pet products, specialty tools and telecom equipment.

Retail - Automobiles, auto maintenance and repair, consumer goods, grocery, musical instruments and QSR.

Service - Accounting and tax, advertising/brand management, asset licensing, auto dealership, broadcast and online entertainment, church and faith-based organizations, consumer and commercial insurance, counseling, credit and banking, data integration, digital application development, digital marketing, eCommerce, higher education, energy, engineering, event planning and production, fundraising, graphic design, healthcare, humanitarian NGOs, IP management, IT networking, legal, logistics, mental health, new product development, professional sports, social services non-profits, security, software, traditional and digital publishing and trust management.