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Generational Sponsors ACG DealMAX

By Generational Group


We are pleased to announce that Generational Group was one of the sponsors of the recent record-setting 2023 Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) DealMAX annual meeting.

Held in Las Vegas from May 8th to May 10th, the premier ACG annual event drew record attendance, with more than 800 private equity professionals at the conference. According to ACG, DealMAX attendees consistently account for nearly one-third of total U.S. Private Equity deals and represent over $400 billion in investable capital.

Founded in 1954, the ACG is the largest M&A deal-making community in the world, with a mission of driving middle-market growth. ACG’s global network operates through 59 regional chapters worldwide and comprises more than 100,000 middle-market professionals who invest, own and advise growing companies.

ACG delivers on its mission to drive middle-market growth by bringing these professionals together and giving them the resources to navigate the industry landscape. The annual DealMAX meeting in Las Vegas (formally called Intergrowth) is the ACG’s largest event.

Generational’s DealForce Software Platform Featured in Meetings and Presentations

Generational was a Growth Leader sponsor of the event and its team had a full schedule packed with meetings with active buyers and hundreds of visitors to its booth. DealForce, Generational’s proprietary online buyer platform, was showcased at the event.

DealForce continues to gain momentum and wide popularity among the investment community and now boasts over 30,000 registered buyers. The DealForce user-friendly interface allows buyers across the globe to find the best investment opportunities in the middle market.

Lisa Lippe Smith, Generational’s Vice President, M&A Marketing & Buyer Services, stated, “DealMAX was by far the most active, well-attended ACG event I have ever participated in.”

“The level of buyer interest in our clients was unprecedented. The contacts we renewed and the new ones we made will pay great dividends in the long run for our clients.”

Generational’s Chief M&A Officer, Brenen Hofstadter stated, “At this year’s ACG DealMAX conference, we met more active industry buyers and leaders from private equity holding companies than ever. We see a clear trend emerging: Buyers are hungry for high-quality add-ons to accelerate their growth.”

“We really appreciate the tremendous event that ACG hosts each year,” Hofstadter added. “It was very encouraging to see the significant level of attendance, and we look forward to working with the buyers we met and helping to find the perfect fit for these buyers in our client base.”

Carl Doerksen is the Director of Corporate Development at Generational Equity.

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