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How Generational Consulting Group Helped Else Cole Grow Her Business

As a visionary, Else Cole is always thinking about the future and the opportunities that will make it as bright as possible. But, she recognized that these ideas need boundaries and structure to become a reality – something our associates at Generational Consulting Group were happy to help her put in place.

Working closely with Else and her team leaders over several days, we created an actionable strategic business growth plan to be completed within the next 3-and-a-half years. With an excellent team and product behind her, Else is looking forward to reaching their destination faster thanks to this experience.

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I know that I have an excellent team and an excellent product, but it does require a foundation and structure like this to get us to that next level.

Our 75 year old company had declining sales and profits. Our advisor helped us set the goals for our 3 year Strategic Growth Plan to grow sales from $25M to $30M & EBITDA from $900K to $3M. We achieved our goals in the 2nd year and in the 3rd year we sold for $30M!
General Manager, Equipment Manufacturer

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